Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Broken Flowers not a broken film!

so i saw the new jarmusch film, 'broken flowers' the other night. what a great film! it stars bill murray as don johnston, a rich retired computer guy, who plays his part with deadpan aplomb. throughout the film, murray creates a character style he seems to be building at this point in his career, exhibiting a comic reserve as he did in 'lost in translation' and 'the life aquatic'. you can't help but like this murray; he just floats through the adventure jarmusch and johnston's friend winston (played excellently by jeffrey wright) create for him, not seeming to care much for going on his road trip, but doing it anyway.

the story revolves around a pink letter johnston finds in his pile of mail; in it, someone claims to have a 19 yr old son fathered by johnston. so he goes on a well-planned-by-winston road trip to visit his 4 lovers at that time, introducing us to laura (sharon stone) and her nabokov-inspired daughter lolita (alexis dziena); Dora (frances conroy, in a departure from her reserved role on six feet under); carmen (jessica lange), and penny (a very goth/motorcycle babe tilda swinton. what fun!).

this is jarmusch back in full-length feature film mode, a nice return after his intriguing coffee and cigarettes vignettes. this film is wacky, funny, crazy and most importantly, hip and cool, and i invite you all to see it.