Monday, May 09, 2005

hotel rwanda

'hotel rwanda' is a well done film about the genocide between the hutus and the tutsis, as far as historical drama goes. thing is, i saw the hbo film 'sometimes in april' which i thought did a better job, so i'm a little biased. in fact many of the scenes seemed shot for both films.

anyway, the story is rather emotionally manipulative; of course we are meant to feel for the 'cockroaches' that are the tutsis who are living at what once was the posh upscale european hotel run by don cheadle's character. it was well done for what it was, but i hate the way it ended; a happy uplifting tale about the lead character's family. what about all those who didn't have happy endings? isn't there a film for them out there? granted, it's based on real life and the main family did have a 'happy ending', but to end a film of despair and disgust with such a trite and hollywood ending? come on. dig a little deeper. maybe a film like this has to end on a bad note to make us think. now i just feel like, 'oh big deal about the genocide in rwanda, don cheadle made it out ok and didn't everyone look nice and clean in the hotel even without running water?' films like this really seem to bring out the pessimist in me. and yet i rather enjoyed the film until it ended. perhaps i need to write my own rwandan film. who knows?


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