Thursday, December 30, 2004

house of flying daggers and the aviator

so i'm finally back writing. as if anyone cares.

anyway, though i've seen a lot of films that i haven't written about in my absence, i have just seen two that stick in my mind as worthy of comment.

the first is 'house of flying daggers', a brilliant, beautiful, soaring love story/martial arts film so amazing you must see it. done by zhang zimou and starring zhang ziyi, this one is just as wonderful as 'hero,' if not better. it's an amazing work that i can't really comment on as ... well, you just have to see it.

but where 'house' soars, 'the aviator,' to me anyway, fails to lift off the runway. 3 hours of a bland biopic. i mean, here's one of the most bizarre, interesting men of the 20th century, and i found myself without any new insight into him whatsoever. leo as hughes does an ok job, but he has no... bon vivance ... or something. the only thing i liked about the film was cate blanchett's performance as kate hepburn. damn cate is a great actress. also, bold errors of continuity exist, which as you know if you read my piece on spiderman 2 i just can't abide, esp in epic films such as these. but i can't even bother to go on about the film. don't waste 3 hours of your life on this; instead go see 'house' twice!


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